Our Goal

We want to help everyone connect with a group environment where they can learn more about God through study, and be encouraged to apply it to their lives though the relationships they are forming.

Our vision for groups is to have 40 groups, located all over the city, sharing the gospel and discipling others by the year 2020.

Several times a year we have GroupLink. This is an event where you can meet new people, get to know group leaders, and make connections that can lead to growth.

There are three links on this page. One is to register for GroupLink. This will launch a registrations page. Scroll down and look for GroupLink.  The second is to see if there are Groups available at this time. This link will launch a Groups Page and if groups are available they will show up. If there is no GroupLink soon and groups are unavailable please email Hunter Holbrook so he can help you get connected.