ONE Initiative Spot Light

ONE Initiative Spot Light

ONE Initiative Spotlight

Why did you choose to attend CCCC and continue to attend CCCC? 
We were invited by the Hewett family. They knew we were looking for a church and it was actually the first Sunday in the new building. Right when we walked through the doors we looked at each other and felt the Lord had placed us right where we needed to be.

What was the driving force for you to make the decision to surrender to Jesus and be baptized? 
For us we both were born and raised catholic and were baptized as infants. We were very connected to the Lord but we wanted to make the decision to surrender ourselves to him. After attending CCCC for a little over a year we felt and knew it was the right decision for us.

Our ONE Initiative has been about leading others to accept and follow Jesus. Some friends of yours that have been attending CCCC for a while recently committed themselves to Jesus in Baptism. What role did you play in this?
Our families have a very strong bond, and we knew what the church had done for us, it changed our lives and enhanced our marriage and family.  We love the Bonesteel family so of course we wanted them to experience and know that same feeling. They came with us one Sunday and now they are baptized and are part of the CCCC family.
We believe Jesus and the presences of Canoe Creek Christian Church was the reason they surrendered themselves to be baptized. They wanted to continue to grow in faith and be part of the CCCC mission.

What motivates you to serve on the welcome team (First Connections) and worship team or to serve in general? 
For us it was truly a calling.  We just wanted to serve the Lord and help others, for the blessings he has given to our family and continues to give.

We want to help lead people to know Christ and to share in the joy of knowing Jesus.

What is next for you as you continue to become a mature disciple following Jesus? 
To continue to learn and fellowship. To get more connected and even more involved.  We are really excited about having the opportunity to go and serve on some of the missions that CCCC supports within the next year.

What has been most difficult for you in making the decision to follow Jesus and commit time to serving in His church? 
The most difficult challenge for us is finding time, but we make it a priority for our family. We have always been believers and we were just looking for the right church home and family for us to fully worship and grow in our faith. CCCC has provided us with more then we could ever imagine. We will continue to support and help grow our church mission anyway we can.


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